CEO Nguyen Kim Thoa
Entrepreneurs do what Uncle

Asean Entrepreneurs Nguyen Kim Thoa
CEO of Golden Stork Hi-Tech Group

In 2014, the economy is still tough, impact negatively on the manufacturing sector, the domestic business. In particular, agricultural fertilizer industry is no exception, partly under the impact of economic common market, on the other hand is the fierce competition of domestic enterprises and foreign, fake fertilizer spill victims lan has a significant impact to the big brands. However, also from his difficult, many companies have shown bravery reaching their business strategy and vision before trial. Among including the Fertilizer Group Hi-Tech Golden Stork under the wise leadership of entrepreneur - CEO Nguyen Kim Thoa has reached an unexpected success with fertilizer products bearing brands : Stork Gold, Golden Deer, France Hi-Tech Vietnam, France Vietnam, Phu Chau, NPK Africa, CCV 99, Diamond and CCV Hi-Tech Group, the farmers are confident and options for the gold season Bumper...

With over 5,000 distributors nationwide coverage and a number of other countries with 500 kinds of fertilizer products serve the new generation farmers, Group Hi-Tech Golden Stork are offering to the market the prestige and quality of the crop, providing economic value to contribute to the development of agriculture sector in Vietnam and internationally.

Currently, the situation is fake fertilizers social problems farmers are concerned. Understanding this, fertilizer Group Hi-Tech Golden Stork constantly investing in production technology, offering quality product range for crops, pest resistant, reducing the acidity of the soil, increased porosity, improving the quality of agricultural and forestry products .. .Chinh this has shown consistent motto "product quality" that the group has set and pursued since the early days of establishment.
Most farmers believe the value selected by the fact that productivity Gold Stork brought through the production season. By doing this, not to mention the investment of the amounts and the quality of fertilizers Silicon new generation with common types of products are in use today, such as a color NPK, NPK tricolor, special NPK, Potassium 60 special,

Urea (1 Sica gold grain protein) are derived from 100% organic natural rehabilitation work for soil nutrients, specifically for rice, vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants, grass golf ... help trees fast growth, strong root system development, healthy trees, profuse tillering, flowering simultaneously, as opposed to, beautiful cotton, pest resistant, extend the life of the tree, saving fertilizer, especially to increase productivity and quality of agricultural products by 20-30%. Achieving these values, silicon fertilizer line Stork Gold combined with experts in agricultural institutes, centers of agricultural research investments under the land, climate, understand each period of growth and development of individual crops - therefore, all excellent fertilizer products Stork Gold are additional special additives to stimulate growth, increase productivity and quality of agricultural products, benefiting high returns to farmers.
Besides the quality, crop yields, farmers use the product trust Stork Gold prices also in the competition. To date, the Corporation has provided a large number of fertilizer products to 18 countries around the world, many production Fertilizer production Stork Gold often not timely meet market demand at home and abroad .
According to General Director Nguyen Kim Thoa, the Group regularly organizes seminars for farmers to guide them to use fertilizer efficiently. From there, help people distinguish between real and fake fertilizer on the market are mixed. "Our group must department professionally conducted workshops all over the country for farmers. Through understanding at the local level, we understand the struggles of the people "a second sun dew, sell items for sell land back to heaven." Therefore, the Group has always reserved the deepest affection for farmers, as expressed in the quality products bring high-yield crops.
CEO Nguyen Kim Thoa added in 2013 Stork Gold launched a new product line Valentine, I love you, and X.Men with aquatic fertilizer line. These products are applied French technology with modern machinery, advanced today. Product is where sending sentiments and enthusiasm of Stork Gold to farmers on economic development journey.
CEO Nguyen Kim Thoa entrepreneur since birth she has passion and profession know how much drunk. Born and raised in a family of intellectuals, party members, senior officer father was in the Army, she was excellent teacher, but Nguyen Kim Thoa not Entrepreneur successor parents that "married" her life Agricultural fertilizer industry. Accept numerous difficulties and challenges, the woman wills has put love with farmers to put in the fulcrum for the tireless dedication.
Over 20 years in the field of fertilizers, the "load" associated with the word "HEART", CEO Nguyen Kim Thoa is managing 9 brands and 32 luxury brands with over 500 kinds of fertilizer products.
"Sticking to the farmers I understand and feel the hard work of those who make grain, potatoes. In life and in business, I always remember to do my best to be able to bring something meaningful, to share the burden of farmers. This is also motivate me constantly trying to increasingly make available the best fertilizer products, the most reasonable price with her children. "
Fertilizers "Stork Gold" accounts for an important position on Vietnam fertilizer market. Currently, the products have been exported to Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, Africa ... It was a deserved result before the relentless efforts of CEO Nguyen Kim Thoa and the entire staff Group employees Stork Gold Hi-Tech.
With devotion, love and trust love has created success for Stork Gold after receiving hundreds of prestigious award as "Brand Brand Prestige Products cao- service quality perfect quality" "Vietnam high quality goods" ... Particularly "Ms Royal House Agriculture" CEO Nguyen Kim Thoa Entrepreneurship has received Gold Cup "Vietnam Gold Entrepreneurs"; Golden Cup "Managers of the Year 2010"; "Business New Age" (FY2008-2009); Entrepreneurs do what Uncle, Entrepreneur, "Tam-Tai Asean" ... as CEO shared: "I want to take the business as a means to implement the deep desire of his life, namely: Business good allow me to add conditions to share the difficulties with many unfortunate fate in life. "
Spring 2015 is coming, Group Hi-Tech Golden Stork will towards new successes in improving their professional qualifications, technical. Improved machinery, application of science to produce fertilizer to put on the market the best products to meet demand expectations of farmers.

Hoang Mai Dan

Chairman of the Managing Board

He TU.Si Hoang Mai Dan CHAIRWOMAN CCV Hi-Tech Corporation is a talented and virtuous people, headed by a well-known group in Vietnam's agricultural sector, but few people know about him, because of the quiet and was silent, busy all day with a mountain of work, under the direction of his through proper orientation in the policy guidelines and policies in the areas of investment in machinery and equipment, production lines in leading manufacturing and human commander, afraid he appeared on the media, the press, but for family CCV Hi-Tech Group, the people everyone admired and loved him as a father CCV's old family, a talented leader, outstanding, he is an example of kindness, tolerance, he is the example of learning and training for CCV Group CB.CNV learning and Follow.
His original Dan Hoang Mai T.Sy technical people so He frequently applies the scientific and technical advances into service in the business of the Group CCV, the machinery and equipment investment is modern production lines imported from Europe, aim to produce fertilizer products are excellent quality, unique, exceptional, serving the diverse needs of farmers in the area for agriculture and rural areas, such as fertilizers, pesticides plant, animal feed, mineral water, postharvest processing ...
Currently he is working with partners such as universities Toba Japanese partners such as Russia, USA, UK ... to accept the transfer of agricultural programs in Vietnam high technology, promote help farm agriculture towards sustainable high technology, increase the productivity of livestock farming, agricultural product consumption to farmers harvest avoid devaluation, or extorted each harvest to offer harvest.
Under the current leadership of Mr. CCV Hi-Tech Group owns 10 well-known brands hundreds of brands and over 500 kinds of fertilizer products, miraculous warranty product quality and accompany farmers from the start until the end of season, only when the productivity and quality of agricultural products rose, then lets his new group completed a production process, this has made unique for CCV , the CCV has a solid foothold in the hearts of consumers in Vietnam and export to foreign countries.
With direction from 5 years to 10 years to brand Hi-Tech Group CCV will become a global brand, so he has planned staff training inherit all young people, willing to invest cost training young cadres at the prestigious schools to cater for the development of current and future CCV.
Plans to build factories in Africa CCV he was rushing to implement the final procedures to complete the ambitious dreams, help farmers the least developed countries in agriculture, during the upcoming Group CCV Hi-Tech will deploy additional projects post-harvest processing, livestock farming under the new model.
In 2015 CCV Hi-Tech Group has successfully completed the plan, the CCV 2016 target will deploy more new plan with bold direction has been prepared in advance, to make sure CCV will succeed resounding at home and away, on the occasion of new year family CCV, please send best wishes to the father of CCV and is an outstanding leader, he wished the new year added a new age of energy abundant health, family happiness, prosperity, under the wise leadership of His rowing to shore named CCV glory.

Hoang Mai Duc

Standing Deputy Director

Perhaps when it comes to brands Golden Stork Hi-Tech Group, then farmers not strangers. By The outstanding features and efficiency after using that seems it has come into the minds of House Agriculture As A companion Boi season's end Thu.

To get the brand what it is today beyond talented leader has nearly 30 decades of experience in the fertilizer industry as Entrepreneurs - CEO Nguyen Kim Thoa, besides it also has a lot of colleagues arch, day night engrossed working hard to turn the brand Stork Gold always firmly on the path of integration. One of his colleagues, and also the son of the CEO, young entrepreneurs - Deputy General Director of Hoang Mai Germany, he had been farmers, quarterly client agents, executives, staff Con Corporation Yellow Hi-Tech Co Dubbed love "Prince Fertilizer".

As a young entrepreneur, "Prince Fertilizer" is people expect, and will design the Golden Stork legal career in the future. With CEO Nguyen Kim Thoa, Prince Fertilizer is the seed of success, he has accumulated new knowledge from the womb, nurturing mother and convey the most basic skills of fertilizer, plus with the knowledge that he learned from famous schools such as FPT, RMIT.
It can be said now he has reached the size of a big leadership to steer the ship Stork Gold went to shore success, he has demonstrated that youth can do anything with enthusiasm and knowledge. His contributions to the fertilizer product line the best of all time and all people domestically and internationally trusted. He deserves to be the association Business & Integration Awarded Title of "Entrepreneur Vietnam Gold Business-2010" and in 2013 he has represented corporations honored in the TOP 100 "brand Prestige Brands high quality products - perfect quality service ".
With young and energetic heart, the past five months, he has constantly taken the scientific technology, modern machines in production, the machines were imported from Japan, France has changed quality and product yield, improve competitive position in the volatile market. Changes in technology have launched 500 kinds of quality products, large revenue next year than the year before.
With senior executives in the Group Hi-Tech Golden Stork, and more young leaders in high finance, "Prince Fertilizer" Deputy General Director Hoang Mai Duc, we believe that gold will always fly Stork high, fly far above the vast plains green floral, bearing gold grains for farmers in the country and internationally.

Vo Thi Thanh Tuyen

Deputy CEO Business

Ms. Vo Thi Thanh Tuyen deputy CCV Hi-Tech Group is a young and dynamic high talent, directors dare to stay, always innovative initiative, over 10 years with Hi-Tech Group CCV sister played intellectual contribution, his efforts in the development of Hi-Tech Group CCV. With business strategy overwhelm opponents with unique products of superior quality and quality warranty protection products and accompany the farmers, under the direction of business development The Group markets Her CCV Hi-Tech currently has occupied a large domestic market share and exports to foreign countries.
2014 was another successful year for the Group CCV, her share in recent years fertilizer market becomes chaotic, nobody to control, departments as well give up, fierce competition among the strongest brands in the field of fertilizers has been a problem, but the most difficult is the fierce competition between genuine business enterprise, with businesses grabbed an end, not the brand but the press still calls are now three no, they do not need to invest in machinery and equipment, without scientific and technical knowledge at all, they just business for profit, so they have nothing to lose but prices abound bluff, suffering only year-round farmers struggling just look at agriculture, but must buy fake fertilizer, fertilizer type machining three-no, not the factory - not humans - no knowledge of science and technology - no injuries sign up as long as price levels, they carry everywhere peddling, much like cheap selling agents colluded benefit many consumers of these products, resulting in farmers overpaid, crop failure, low productivity leads to difficult towels, poverty throughout the year, this is a problem of the whole society but there is currently no public agencies manage well.
Know and understand the suffering of farmers CCV Group is a member of anti-counterfeiting association Vietnam is one of the strongest brands in the fertilizer industry leader in Vietnam is committed to quality products to farmers , the farmers into the fields. The products of Hi-Tech Group CCV has helped farmers increase productivity by 20-30% outstanding, diverse and winning the trust will ask the consumer in the country, now more than 500 types advanced fertilizer products brand Stork Gold always serve the rising demand for fertilizers to farmers, with the same orientation farmers get rich, we are always improving machinery and equipment, application of scientific achievements The latest techniques in the field of high-tech agriculture to help people improve productivity, agricultural projects and purchasing high-tech agriculture and the harvest for farmers is the Group CCV pilot in some key areas, then broad deployment, help farmers avoid the trader prices, devaluation season.
Business strategy of the Group in 2015 CCV Hi-Tech continues to hold the domestic market, but to develop more overseas markets, we still prioritize the African market, by poor African countries always inspire the Group CCV oriented help farmers in Africa work in agriculture and enrichment, we build factories in Africa CCV is the enthusiasm of the leadership group Hi-Tech particular CCV and CPV State and Vietnam in general.
CCV Hi-Tech Group is proud to be one of the leading brands in Vietnam in the fertilizer industry, fertilizer products branded Stork Gold has entered the minds of farmers not only in the country but abroad, we are striving to build brand Stork Gold International stature, because that goal that we increasingly improve ourselves, confirming its position with consistent quality commitment competitive pricing that few businesses do this. We Stork Gold prides itself on a strong brand from Vietnam. Not hiding his secret of success, I share with you readers of her success comes from conception of life:
Learn when others sleep
Labour while others lazy
Prepare while others hang
And you will have a dream ...
When other people only dream.


Con Co Vang Hi-Tech Group

Currently, when it comes to the brand of fertilizer reputation - quality agricultural service in the market, they must mention right to brand premium fertilizer famous silicon are gold - Gold Quality - New Generation - Savings of the Group N Hi-Tech Golden Stork. Thanks to the experience gained from the fact and apply the achievements of scientific and technical progress newest, Group Hi-Tech Golden Stork studied success and spawned a popular fertilizer brand name are gold - Gold Quality - New Generation "At the farmers get rich." With over 500 new generation fertilizers - nitrogen service savings for farmers in Vietnam and exported to Laos - Cambodia, India, Africa ..


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